How to install android free paid games and apps on smartphone?

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  • September 29, 2017
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    We all familiar about the Google Play Store and it have been the famous app market for the android phones for a long time period. But most of the people thing that Google play store is not only app store to download android games.

    Other than Google play store, there are many numbers of startups and some famous websites also have launched their alternatives app markets for android phones. Some of these types of app markets even give famous high cost paid android games for free.

    Here point to note is, before you want to go on and install android apps from the 3rd party market places, you need to permit your device to do the installation of that apps. Because by default setting Google prevents installation of outside apps on the android phones. Hence manually you need to permit it to install on your mobile.

    Here are the simple steps to allowing the 3rd party apps installed on your device,

    Step 1:

    • Go to menu in your mobile, select settings and then secured in it,
    • Now check on for the installation of unknown sources,
    • Allow the installation of non-market apps by clicking tick on the box.

    That’s it, now you will be able to download and install the apps from 3rd party app markets and other APK packages. Here are some examples for alternative apps to Google play store, where you can able to look for a free version of a paid android app:



    Aptoide is an app store which does not host the Android apps themselves but rather it let other users to upload other applications. Apps can be download from the app repositories which is created by the Aptotide up loaders.

    Users may also add app reciprocates that is also known as stores that created by other Aptotide users.  In this app store, you can also able to download some paid apps for free as well as many number of other apps that have been discontinued from Google play store. It is easy to install Aptotide on Android mobiles.

    Steps for download the Aptotide on mobiles:

    First, open the web browser on your android mobile and direct the link URL to Aptoide web site,

    Then you need to click on the install button to download and install Aptoide from Apk files,

    The package manager is launched to install the downloaded app. If you have alternative applications associated with application files, a menu pops up asking the user to select an app. The user needs to select package manager in this case.

    Now open up APTOIDE app store. You might be prompted to add a store or repository to your collection.

    Go on and add a store if the user like when it is necessary. You need to tap on the search icon at the top right corner and type the name of the app and hit enter button.

    If you are doing see the specified app in the search results, you can tap on the search more button. Hence you can get more results displayed in the browser page.

    Now select the particular app and a dialog box will appears the prompting you to confirm the app installation process and click on button.

    And further you will be prompted to add the specified app store that contained the searched app and add it on your device if you want it.

    Once you add it on your mobile the package manager will install the app and finally, you need to click the ok button to finish the installation process.

    Amazon app store:


    This store is another one alternative app for Google play store to download the popular android games. This android app store is available on the countries like

    • Us,
    • Uk,
    • France,
    • Germany,
    • Italy ,
    • Spain,

    To download any app from this store you need to have an Amazon account from one of the above-listed countries. The Amazon app store has a special option which gives away a particular paid app or android game on a day.

    This is the first free app of the day on the android stores which was launch on us and ad-free version of all other popular android paid games such as angry birds Rio. On the European launch day, it introduce angry birds original game with free of cost.

    The store also includes a test drive feature that allows users to try thousands of android apps on virtual amazon cloud browsers. And it will offer guide for directing its users to download their favorite apps.


    ApkGamesCrack - Logo is an alternative app store that takes very different approach as an alternative of offering paid apps as free, this webiste will provide freely available alternative apps and games for a lot of android markets paid apps and games.

    After you select your favorite app or game from website you just need to click the download button and install the given .apk file. ApkGamesCrack is a good option if you want to download free alternatives to a number of paid apps and games from Google’s own play store.

    There also some other alternative android apps which offer you to download for free the paid apps including GetJar, AppBrain, SlideMe and more.

    As a conclusion of this article, even though there may be legal issues based on these types 3 party Android apps related with the performance, a great advantage with this apps are, it will offer you to download the paid apps and games as free.

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