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  • November 26, 2018
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    The Fifa franchise runs on giving its fans a fun and free-scoring video game but without compromising on authenticity. The franchise this time delivers as well with Fifa 19 which adds in some gameplay features that refine a game whose formula hasn’t really been tweaked in a significant way. You can play the game now on Android. But the addition of some new leagues has made the game better. So let’s walk through it all.


    The ball control is precise and effective which helps to create new openings through fancy flicks, subtle movements, and body feints. But for such fancy flicks, there are also moments of lack of control which lets the ball get away. It is untidy and unforgiving at the beginning, which results in bad play, but once it is mastered, the same thing results in eye-catching gameplay. The graphics, music and every other aspect are made recreated with perfection. The details are impressive and accurate too.

    FIFA 19 Game


    • Shooting: The game gets more attractive as one can press shoot for the second time after they have powered up a shot. But it has to be right in time when the player strikes the ball. If the player gets it right then the shot just zooms away like a rocket. No goal guaranteed though, but it does improve the odds.
    • The 50/50 battles: These are decided in a really authentic manner because it takes into account the attributes of the players and the timing of the tackle. But it also means that players can come out consistently second best against a better opposition, but that’s what one gets for real-life
    • Passing: It is no longer easy to route a pass to goal even for quick players. What it does, is that it puts a major emphasis on using space appropriately rather than just relying on sprint players to win you the matches. Passing accuracy is less automatic and any imprecision will have to be gotten used to.
    • Strength: Unlike the previous versions, strength is also necessary this time to keep possession of the ball and to also win the ball. But this results in reduced agility stats.
    • Kick off mode: It has gone through an overhaul and now offers nine new modes. These matches come with new rules to subset the 90 minutes regular matches. It includes features like No Rules mode (which is a lot of fun with no offsides, fouls or bookings), Headers & Volleys, Survival mode, House Rules and such.
    • Notable additions: There are 16 La Liga stadiums which carefully detailed and reproduced atmospheres. The venues feel different from each other which makes the game that much more enjoyable. The players also look more detailed- from the bead of sweat on the foreheads to the rustle of shirt sleeves on windy days.

    The Journey: Champions

    It is the story of three protagonists with their own challenges. It has Alex, his sister Kim and Danny Williams. The story can be played as a complete intertwined one or it can be split into three narrative threads which end in some of the most amazing scenes in any of the journey modes. But in the end, it is a heavily scripted story.

    So with new gameplay modes, variety, and features, FIFA 19 for Android is an improvement and just simply more fun and engaging to play.

    Play FIFA 19 on Android!

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